Eating Dirt in Dogs

There may be several reasons why your dog eats dirt. Generally referred to as consumption of non-food objects. When only mud (earth, soil or clay) is consumed, this condition is called devouring.

Generally, dogs, especially puppies, tend to explore a lot in their environment. Unfortunately, this can lead to eating items that are not fully understood. Dirt may include soil when it is outdoors, especially when it is left outdoors for a long time. Dirt can also include indoor potted plants and even sand. If your dog continues to eat, please contact your veterinarian.

Although many owners may seem confused, your dog may be eating dirt for some reason. Reasons for eating dirty food may include:

  • bored
  • Insufficient diet
  • Enjoy the taste
  • anemia

What to do if your dog is eating dirt

If you witness your dog eating, or the dog’s face and mouth are covered with dust, take some time next time he goes out to see if you can observe his behavior. If you find that he often eats dirty things, please make an appointment with your veterinarian and ask him to check for any medical problems.

Once you reach the vet, your vet will want to learn more about his mud-eating habits. He will ask questions about his diet, family life, lifestyle, how long to go out at a time, and other questions to gather more information.

Then, he may decide to have a biochemical test to examine his organs, blood tests, and urinalysis. These tests will tell the veterinarian if your dog has a deficiency or anemia. The urine test will also check for the formation of deposits or stones due to ingestion of dirt or sand

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