Give a Dog an Injection Under the Skin

Dogs with diabetes or severe allergies need daily injections. Stabbing your best friend with acupuncture is not an easy task. Rather than drag him to the vet every day, it is a good thing for both of you to learn to inject subcutaneously.

Ready to work

Open the medicine packaging, take out the information sheet and read it carefully.

Please follow all instructions on mixing. Read the drug label and determine the dosage.

Wet the cotton ball with alcohol, then wipe the top of the medicine bottle for disinfection; let it dry.

Insert the needle into the rubber port on the top of the vial. Use a syringe to take the medicine and check whether there are bubbles in the medicine in the syringe. If you see anything, move the needle up and tap the syringe with your finger until the air bubble rises to the bottom of the needle. Press the plunger lightly until air bubbles are ejected. Check the level of medication in the syringe to make sure the dose is still correct.


Keep your dog in a comfortable position. This can be placed on a table, sofa or floor so you can reach the back of your neck with both hands. You may need someone to help you by distracting or even restraining the dog the first few times until you and the dog are used to the procedure.

Show the dog the syringe and let him smell it so that he is not surprised by the strange object. Talk to the dog to relax him.

Use your fingers to pick up a piece of skin on the dog’s neck or above his shoulder. Move the crease upwards to elevate the skin and separate the hairs.

Quickly insert the needle into the skin so that it passes through the skin and enters the space between the skin and the muscle.

Note: Please do not make your needle perpendicular to the skin, you may go too far and inject into the muscle. If your dog flinches or yells, hold the skin and stabilize the syringe, then continue to press until it is done.

Pull out the needle and loosen the skinfold. Give your friends some compliments and comforts to comfort this long-haired guy.

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