Home remedies to remove dog fleas

Fleas are not only a problem for your dog, but also a potential problem for you, family members and other pets. There are several flea-killing products on the market, but many of them contain toxic chemicals. To avoid using methods that may put your dog at risk, try natural home remedies.


Diatomaceous earth kills fleas on dogs in a very unique way. Diatomaceous earth is a fossil relic of prehistoric plankton. These fossils are extremely fine and sharp particles found on the earth. Diatomaceous earth is so sharp that it actually cuts through the insect’s exoskeleton when walking. This can cause the fleas to become dehydrated and die.

Dawn dishwashing liquid

If your dog has fleas, please use Dawn dishwashing liquid. Give him a bath. The oil inside suffocated the fleas to death. It also prevents eggs from sticking to the dog’s hair follicles. When using this method, be sure to start from the dog’s neck area and then move down the dog’s body.

Liquid soap can cause fleas to transfer, and if the direction is reversed, the fleas will run towards the dog’s face. Scrub your dog with soap, then let the soap sit on the dog for five minutes before rinsing. Repeat this process once a week to ensure that all fleas are killed.

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