How to Clean Your Dog’s Scent Gland

Dogs have small glands on each side of the anus, called anal glands or smell glands. These glands express the unique smell of your dog. When your dog goes to the toilet, they usually empty or express themselves, and in nature, this is usually used to declare their territorial sovereignty.

The anal gland sac is filled with anal gland fluid, which will turn black or dark brown liquid or muddy matter over time. When the dog is defecation, the opening of the anal gland opens along with the anal opening, and drains the anal gland fluid to lubricate the anus, so that the dog can defecate smoothly.

When the dog is frightened or nervous, the anal sphincter will contract and the anal gland fluid will be discharged. Another function of the anal glands is to distinguish between dogs. When dogs meet each other, they will smell each other’s ass to distinguish.

If the anal gland fluid accumulates for a long time, it is necessary to perform necessary cleaning to prevent inflammation. Sometimes we see puppies rubbing their buttocks on the ground, it may be inflammation of the canine’s anal glands.

But when they become clogged, surgery may sometimes be necessary.

Fill the bathtub with a few inches of warm water and place the dog in the bathtub.

remember! ! ! Use a pair of rubber gloves to protect your hands and a mask to protect your nose.

Tie the leash to the dog’s collar to help it control. Wet the dog from head to tail and squeeze a little dog shampoo along its back. Rub the shampoo on his body, focusing on the underside of his hindquarters and tail. Lift the tail and gently scrub the anal area with your hands.

Important step! ! !

Hold the tissue with your hand, and place your thumb and index finger at 4 o’clock and 8 o’clock respectively, slightly below the sides of the dog’s anus. Lift the tail with the other hand. Push up with your fingers and thumb. When pushing in, put your fingers together in a contraction motion to expel the oil from the odor glands.

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