How to improve Oily Fur on Dogs

Don’t think that shiny fur is always in good condition. Dogs with oily fur will produce peculiar smell even in good health.

Dogs with natural oily fur can protect themselves from damp and cold weather, and their hair is always shinier than other breeds. But the problem is that you need to take care of your dog frequently, otherwise it will produce peculiar smell or develop into skin diseases. The good news is that you can manage.

If your dog usually does not have greasy fur and develops unexpectedly, then he may have seborrhea and needs treatment.

Bathe the dog once a week.

Do not use dishwashing liquid or other harsh detergents to try to “dry” the dog’s coat. Harsh soap will irritate his skin.

Try to use warm water for bathing. This will make the water more soluble and remove more oil. In addition, if your dog’s fur is too dry, it will produce excess oil to moisturize the skin, making the oily fur worse.

Fast drying

After the shower, please dry the dog thoroughly. The greasy coat smelled really bad, even when he was wet. Damp coats are more susceptible to fungal infections and then develop into skin diseases, which may make oily coats worse. Dry him thoroughly with a towel, or blow dry with a hair dryer.

Consider changing the dog’s diet

The skin is the largest organ and a good indicator of health. Sometimes, your dog may be allergic to one or more of the ingredients in the food, causing its skin to secrete more oil.

In most cases, your dog’s coat will improve after switching to high-quality food. Talk to your veterinarian to test whether your puppies are allergic and switch to fixed-component dog food

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