How to use dog ear drops

If your veterinarian prescribes a syrup such as ear drops, you will almost certainly need to use it yourself after your initial visit. This is not a complicated process. But your dog may not like it at first, so please take a moment and provide enough love. Receiving earplugs themselves should not be painful, but it can make the dog feel uneasy.

Check the dosage instructions on the drug label. Never use the wrong dose. Ask your dog to sit or lie down, and then pet him for a few minutes to fully relax.

Use his left hand to make his ears face up. If your ears are drooping, lift the earlobe with your fingers or thumb. Use the other hand to drop the required amount into the ear canal. Do not put the tip of a dropper or needleless syringe in the ear canal to avoid sudden movements of the dog. Do not push or press hard on it.

If he feels nervous or scared, you need an assistant to hold him tightly when you use the drops.

Drop the medicine.

Release his head, pet him again and provide a bit of snacks, so that he starts to associate receiving ear medication with a good experience.

Tips: Wait a few minutes for the medicine to penetrate into the dog’s inner ear; if you let your dog go at this time, the medicine may flow out.

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