Make your dog’s coat shiny

A shiny coat is a sign of good health. If your dog’s coat has many shortcomings, the best way is to combine external care with changes in eating habits and veterinarians.

By checking all possible reasons that your puppy’s coat is not shiny now, you can make sure it looks shiny in the future.

Protein supplement

Use high-quality dog food. Premium foods list meat as the first ingredient-if you list corn, soy or rice as the first ingredient, it’s time to try other methods. According to long-term observations, protein is essential for a healthy coat, so please look for foods high in fish, chicken, or beef.

intake of fats and oils

Add a teaspoon of vegetable or fish oil to your dog food once a day. Or try some fish oil supplements. The pet’s diet lacks omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, which may be the reason his coat is not shiny.

brush him daily

If you have a long-haired dog, you may need to brush it once a day to avoid tangles and keep your hair soft and healthy. However, grooming does not mean washing.

Dogs’ coats contain natural oils, which can prevent them from becoming too dry. If you bathe your dog frequently, you may end up stripping off these oils, causing your hair to look dry and dull.


Switch to a 2-in-1 puppy shampoo, which contains added conditioner. Just as you use conditioner in your hair to improve its softness and shine, Rover’s hair may also need the same care. When you give him a bath, remember to rinse off-if there is shampoo left on the hair, it will make the hair look dull and dry.


If all the above methods fail to improve the dog’s coat, then you have reason to believe that your dog has certain diseases. Please take your dog to the veterinary clinic. The cause of the dim dog’s hair may be immune system disease, skin disease, and parasites. Using the appropriate treatment plan will restore your dog’s health.

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