My dog was bitten by a snake

What is a snake bite?

There are 25 species of venomous snakes in North America. They are all over the continent, and the danger they pose is very real. Although not all snakes have deadly venom, being bitten by a snake can still cause discomfort and stress to your pet. As far as venomous snakes are concerned, time is of the utmost importance to saving lives. Don’t try any life-saving measures yourself; take your dog to the veterinary clinic immediately.

Symptoms of a dog being bitten by a snake.

Snakes are prevalent in the warmer months (May-August). Although they usually leave on their own when encountering dogs, snake bites do occur. If you have witnessed or suspected that your dog has been bitten, please do not delay taking it to the vet.

Within 1 hour to 24 hours after the incident, the symptoms of snake bites may appear, but special attention should be paid. Usually the effects of snake bites on dogs will start to take effect immediately, and it will be difficult for dog owners to notice. Because of the hair covering, especially for dogs of long-haired breeds.

Non-venomous snake:

Swelling or bruising around the bite
Possibly visible puncture wound
Bleeding from wound
Pain and infection may occur after some time

Venomous snake:

Excessive saliva (extremities)
Fast, shallow breathing
Obvious tissue damage, wound discoloration and bleeding
Blood in urine
Mental state change
Muscle contraction

Take the dog to the veterinary clinic

If you suspect that your dog was bitten by a snake, please do not delay sending him to the veterinary emergency room. Remember to stay calm. When transferring to the clinic, you need to keep quiet. Don’t let him walk; take him in the car and try to talk to the dog to relax it.

If your dog bites a snake, please take the dead snake with you and take a clear picture of the snake to show it to the veterinarian. This can help the veterinarian quickly determine which toxin it is.

Based on the information and clinical signs you provide, your veterinarian will determine the best treatment.

Treatment after a dog is bitten by a snake

Non-venomous snake bite treatment

The wound will be cleaned thoroughly. The veterinarian will prescribe antibiotics and anti-inflammatory drugs as needed.

Venomous snake bite treatment

Usually the veterinarian needs to determine if your dog needs anti-venom and then clean the wound. The remaining treatment process will depend on the type of snake.

Some experience

Antivenom is most effective when given within 6 hours of snake bite

If the bite is severe, oxygen support, corticosteroids and intravenous fluids will be needed to control shock

Usually need anticonvulsants, antibiotics, antihistamines, pain relievers

Your pet needs up to 48 hours of close observation, because sometimes all signs and effects of poisoning may not be immediately apparent

Mild snakebite cases may disappear after a few days

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