Precautions for keeping a dog

Precautions for keeping a dog
Foster care

Before raising a dog, you must think about it. What should you do with the dog if you travel or return to your hometown during the holidays?

No problem for one or two days. You can skip walking or foster care. What if it’s half a month? Dogs will be crazy.

The fees for foster care are different. The most expensive I learned during Christmas is 120$/day. Few people can afford it, right? If you take it home, how to take it? Is the transportation allowed? For hygiene issues, dogs should not take too many baths, especially those puppies that have not been vaccinated. They are all smelly. Don’t rush to bathe them at this time. If their resistance is too low, they can easily catch a cold and get sick.

In addition, it is best to wait a week after the vaccination before bathing. Under normal circumstances, the dog bathing frequency is about 1-2 weeks/time.

Take the dog to play in the grass and pay attention to deworming. If you encounter ticks, it will be troublesome. The dog should be blown after a bath. One is to prevent colds, and the other is to get skin diseases in humid environments.

I believe that many people have the idea of ​​keeping a dog. They are all cute and beautiful dogs from other people, especially tiktok. However, there is a kind of child called someone else’s child, and another kind of dog is called someone else’s dog.

Not all dogs are so smart. Most dog owners often feel like this: “My baby is too cute”-“Beast, you must be killed today.”

If you keep a pet with an attitude of showing off and following the trend, give up, really. Dogs are not products. They have emotions, thoughts, and different personalities just like people. Their feelings are even more sincere and ardent than many human beings, but it can never possess human intelligence.

Dogs living in the city, like children relying on their parents, are completely dependent on their owners to live. If you are not prepared to accept a life into your life, don’t raise a dog.

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