Raising a dog is expensive

The larger costs of raising a dog are mainly concentrated in hospitals, and it is much more expensive for dogs to see a doctor than for people!

Sterilization: The cost is directly related to the weight of the dog. The heavier the dog, the higher the operation fee. The bitch is more expensive than the male dog. The price varies from hospital to area. For reference, my bitch is 17 kg, surgery + hospitalization + medicine = 1k or so.

Sick: A cold visit to the hospital for 100$ will be gone. If you encounter canine plague, you will be 1k$ up. If you encounter a quack, the dog will not be saved after spending 5k$. There are so many situations.

Eating indiscriminately: Mainly refers to the kind that cannot be pulled out. For example, my dog swallowed a needle, and the operation cost nearly 1k$ to take it out.

Car accident: You must take a leash to walk the dog! The dog raised by the neighbor’s grandmother, because it is a small dog with a very good personality, does not hold the leash all the year round. As a result, she was accidentally hit one day and her grandmother was very sad. Her son was taken to the hospital and stayed in the hospital for almost a week. I haven’t told my grandma how much it cost.

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