Remove chewing gum from dog paws

In July, the scorching sun hits and you find your dog walking limping.

When you realize that your dog has stepped on the gum, it may have entered the pad, between the toes and the hair. Twigs and pebbles may get stuck in this gum and cause pain and irritation in the dog.

Obviously, removing gum from paws is not an easy task.

Home solutions

You may be able to cut off some gum, but in order not to hurt your dog, don’t use scissors to shuttle between your toes.

To remove chewing gum, you can use some common household products. I recommend to you, peanut butter, olive oil or mayonnaise. The oil in these products destroys the stickiness of the gum.

What you need to do is to soak in olive oil first, and then clean your paws with soapy water. Then rinse off the residue.

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