The benefits of keeping a dog

After writing so much, I feel that I am trying to persuade people to quit. Today I will talk about the benefits of raising a dog.

A sense of security is the most direct benefit I have gained after raising a dog. Although my dog ​​is a small dog, it is highly vigilant and protects the owner, which brings me a great sense of security.

Give two examples. My dog ​​can distinguish the sound of footsteps. It will bark every time a stranger passes by, until the person leaves our floor. Once the community was stolen, and the neighbors’ doors upstairs and downstairs were stolen, and it was all right on our floor.

Another time, someone knocked on my door at two o’clock in the morning, “buckle…buckle…buckle…” is a very tentative knocking method. I was so confused at the time, people froze and didn’t dare to move. My dog ​​rushed out and barked at the door. That was the first time I saw it barking so fiercely. I don’t know how long it took before it became quiet, and I relaxed and dared to sleep.

To be honest, many times I can’t tell. Dogs depend on me more, or I depend on dogs more.

Since raising the dog, I have looked forward to it on the way off work every day, because it will always wait for me at the door with its tail wagging, touching its head, rubbing its soft ears, and the bad emotions are instantly healed.

I have seen a saying that the giving personality is suitable for raising cats, and the receptive personality is suitable for raising dogs. I think it is not. The reason why giving personality likes to give is because the response after giving will bring great satisfaction And pleasure, at this point, the dog will never let you down. So, if you are ready, go and raise a dog.

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