What are the precautions for raising a dog for the first time? part 1

There are too many places to pay attention to. I spent a few hours sorting out my dog-raising experience. It is strongly recommended that those who want to raise a dog carefully read this answer.

First of all, you must be psychologically prepared. Raising a dog without any experience is similar to raising a child with novice parents, because you need to accept a new life into your life and take full responsibility for it, and the cost is not low.

If you have just picked up the dog and saw the idea of abandoning it, don’t look down anymore, just raise it as you want. For a dog, as long as he can follow his owner, he is willing to eat whatever you feed him, because you are his whole world, no matter what you look like, rich or not, his love for you will not change。

Essentials for keeping a dog

Dog Leash: Without explanation, walking a dog without a leash is like a dog walking a person.

Two dog bowls: one drink water and the other eat dog food. For medium and large dogs, remember to buy a large one, especially the water basin, otherwise the dog has to be replaced when he grows up.

Dog kennel: It depends on where you want your dog to sleep. My dog ​​has a nap mat. The kennel is basically useless. If you want to buy it, please also buy a larger one.

Dog food: Feed puppies food before half a year old. If the teeth are not full, soak them in warm water. After half a year old, change to dog food. The amount of food is related to the size of the dog. My dog ​​weighs 20 kg. Eat 10-15 catties of dog food a month.

Dog shampoo: Small and medium-sized dogs bathe almost once a week, and large dogs about once every two weeks. You can also go to the pet shop without buying it. The working class has the money to buy good dog food for their dogs.

In vitro deworming: To repel parasites such as fleas and lice, it is recommended to use Fulaien’s drops for puppies. It is completely non-toxic and effective, but it costs money. After adulthood, you can use a cheaper spray. A bottle of about half a year .

In vivo deworming: that is, deworming medicine, which repels intestinal parasites in the body. In the early stage, it should be fed according to the rules of the instructions. In the later stage, one tablet is enough for about three months. It is best to cross-feed different brands.

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