What are the precautions for raising a dog for the first time? part 2


There are two types of rabies vaccine. This does not explain, that it must be given once a year. Many cities have free injections each year, but the effect is limited. Pet hospitals can get 40-120$.

The other is a general vaccine, which is mainly used to prevent common dog diseases such as canine plague. It is divided into four in one (80$) and six in-one (120$) and eight in-one (160$). The higher the level, the higher the level of prevention of diseases. The more dogs, especially breeds of dogs, must be beaten, the mortality rate of canine plague is very high.

Dogs can only be vaccinated after 3 months of age. The first injection requires three shots, and one shot per year is enough. If you think your dog’s resistance is high enough, you can not get vaccinated after adulthood, but rabies must be shot!

Walk the dog: at least once a day for half an hour each time, depending on the breed and character of the dog. Dogs with small exercise should take a short time, and dogs with high exercise should walk more, otherwise the house will be demolished if the energy is not vented.

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