What are the precautions for raising a dog for the first time? part 3

Pet supplies that are needed but not required

Dog cage: If it is used for keeping dogs, buy iron. If it is taken out to play or vaccinate, buy plastic or cloth, otherwise you can’t carry it.

Trace element tablets: add trace elements to avoid messy things such as dog eating shit, eating soil, eating grass and so on.

Hair digestion cream: Many people think that only cats eat their own hair. In fact, dogs also like to lick their hair, and they can eat it regularly.

Mouth muzzle: Look at the character of the dog. It is more naughty like my family. When walking on the street, many people will wear it to prevent it from scaring children and the elderly.

Dog snacks: There are many types of dog snacks, such as dog milk cakes, beef cubes, ham sausage, meat jerky, teething sticks and so on. I personally recommend that you have more teething sticks when changing teeth, otherwise at home The shoes will suffer.

Clothes: It also depends on personal choice. If the dog is not cold resistant in winter, you can buy it. In fact, more people do it for good looks.

Hair trimming: My dog ​​does not have this need, but Pomeranian, Teddy, and other dogs with more exuberant hair should need it, or if it is rough, you can cut it yourself.

Nail clippers: I may buy the nail clippers for pets. I bought them relatively cheaply. I don’t think it is very useful. If you accidentally cut them, they will still bleed. People can also cut large nail clippers.

Dog toys: more expensive than children’s toys, so I bought children’s toys directly.

Combing brush: If you don’t want a full house, it’s best to prepare one. Of course, it has something to do with the breed of the dog.

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